The Motherless

Role: Wendy

The Motherless by Liz Haag
Produced by Laboratorium Artists Residency
Governor’s Island, New York City (2018)

Director: Liz Haag
Choreography: Gabriel Burdsall

Peter Pan – Gabriel Burdsall
Tinker Bell – Milda Gecaite
Wendy – Samantha Herrera
Nana – Ellie Mae Miller
Lost Boy – Kasha Pazdar
Captain Hook – Gretchen Poole

Site-specific/immersive theatre piece about the underbelly of the beautiful Neverland: the true world of Peter Pan. Imagine the horrific deeds of a true pirate. The real trauma of a boy abandoned in a park. A Girl who exists only to entertain and advance her male counterpart. Through words, movement, and interaction, the characters use an old house on Governors Island to explore this dark world.




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