She Has A Name

Role: Number 18 

She Has A Name by Andrew Kooman
Produced by Hunter Theatre Co. & Intervarsity
The Club Space, New York City (2013)

Director: Taylor Latrowski
Set Designer/Lighting/Original Music: Taylor Latrowski
Stage Managers: Laura Cacace, Carlos Bernabe, Erika Larsen

Mama – Yaribel Castillo
Pimp – Rolando Chusan
Jason – Michael Citrin
Ali – Kennedy Daniels
Marta – Angela Mourtazalieva
Number 18 – Samantha Herrera

Side Note: Donations went to support victims of sex trafficking.

With gratitude to the entire Latrowski family for breathing life into this production. They put a lot of love and support from managing the front of house, showing up to build the set with their bare hands, and making sure everything ran smoothly. And on one of those beautiful nights, American playwright John Guare, came to watch. All I remember is Mr. Guare storming into the dressing room – I was barely half dressed and my memory fails to recall the words exchanged.

But what I will never forget is the love that was put into this powerful production, despite the tiny space we had or the immensity of the story we were trying to tell – this showed me that it is possible to build a World of Hope in a black box.

To turn pain into Something Good.



This one’s for the lonely child
Broken hearted
Running wild
This was written for the one to blame
For the one who believes they are the cause of chaos in everything

-Sara Bareilles, Satellite Call