Made to Order

Directed by Alanna Murray
Filmed in Wyckoff, New Jersey


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West Coast Premiere at the Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival 2019


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Premiered at the Memphis Indie Film Festival 2017 as part of the Narrative Shorts Competition

An adopted Asian girl named Archie works delivering pizzas in a New Jersey suburb. Being in her mid 20s, living at home with her parents, and having no clear future prospects, she feels alienated and embarrassed. As a way to get more money to move out of the house, she secretly films a teenage girl and sells the footage on VHS tapes online.



Portland Unknown Film Festival, 2019

She works quietly. Her genius shows through how she stitches the story together. It was one of the most low-key sets I’ve been on. Mostly guys with scruffy beards, all very mellow and then there was Alanna, perhaps even mellower and amazingly zen when she was stressed. She just goes silent. I specifically remember this moment. Her ability to keep calm and keep going is pretty amazing. Sometimes it’s not force or speed that is needed, but time to breathe and just piece things out until you can take another step forward.

Once everything was wrapped and I got to view the final product, my mind was blown by her brilliance. This was one of my first lead roles in a short film and I didn’t realize how that experience would be the foundation for my future work, not just as an actor but a filmmaker. This small film has taught me again and again to keep my uniqueness. Sometimes it’s the best thing we have.

Filmmaker Alanna Murray.

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