Loverspy (reading)

Role: Ora

Loverspy (reading) by Anna O’Connell
Produced by The Great Room Co.
Dixon Place, New York City (2018)

Director: Parade Stone

Featuring: Bob Teague, Sam Jaffe, Sarah Catherine Hook, Evan Reiser, Jon Rodriguez, Jim Ford, Samantha Herrera, Maura Lefevre, Sequoia Sellinger

A story that examines the roots of on-going fascination with online stalking.

In the early 2000s, an internet virus fondly called ‘LoverSpy’ promised a way for suspicious lovers to spy on any target they wished. LOVERSPY follows Internet café patrons from vastly different backgrounds with one thing in common: the purchase and illegal use of ‘LoverSpy.’ The purchasers are sucked into a virtual-black-hole-utopian-internet-love-den. As the characters facilitate their wildest fantasies within the screen of an old computer, their personalities, anxieties, and insecurities are broadcast through their behavior in the Internet cafe. Together, they (including the all-purpose, Internet café waiter) are forced to confront the consequences that follow their insidious purchase. As the line between the net and reality blurs, a tangled (world wide) web becomes increasingly difficult to navigate.